Business is now going digital. Clients no longer have to go to the physical address to purchase their desired product or get a service. Although it is efficient for businesses to reach their clients by a simple click online, it is also quite risky. Cyber hacking is as rampant online as robbery or looting of goods in business premises. It is essential that one sets up cybersecurity measures to ensure their business is protected fully from any internal and external risks. Here are a number of ways you keep your online office space secure:

Ensure Your Staff Understands Cyber Security

Apart from training employees on how to use the business software and maintain the hardware, you need to equip them with cyber safety knowledge. Ensure that they know how to install and update anti-virus on the computers or other devices. Also, inform them of being cautious with malicious software or virus disguised as games or competitions. If need be, have an IT expert either onboard or outsource one to do this cybersecurity awareness.

Set Up Cybersecurity Measures

With many people, including suppliers, customers, and employees having access to business premises, it is important that you limit access to computers or other related devices. Probably have a private room where the main devices are kept where only you and certain trusted employees can access.

It is also paramount that you encrypt portable devices such as phones, tabs, and laptops to prevent information from being tampered with if stolen. For any public devices, set up a public domain which prevents guests from gaining access to private or personal information. Ensure that you have strong passwords on devices, networks, and devices; you also need to change them regularly to be more secure.

Take Care of Your Devices

With most information either being on the device or cloud storage, computers are prone to damage or malfunction. Make sure your software is updated once updates are available online or offline. Keep check with your operating systems too to ensure that they are performing optimally to avoid sudden malfunction. Your computer systems should always be installed with the latest anti-spyware and anti-virus software to address potential threats online such as spying or data mining sites.

Get Rid of Clutter in Your Office Space

Office spaces may tend to be small hence be filled with lots of gadgets and paperwork. This puts both personal and business information at arm’s length to those who may use it for malicious intent. Ensure your office space, especially the PC equipment, including hard drives, USB drives, and tablets, are kept under lock and key. If possible, have one or two staff only authorised to handle confidential company data and responsible for its safekeeping.